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SiyaDlala SiyaFunda - We Play, We Learn

FURTHER launched #SiyaDlalaSiyaFunda (We Play, We Learn), a movement to get parents and caregivers to value play as a cornerstone of their children’s development. We’re encouraging them to recognise the benefits of play, dedicate more time to play with their children, and demand more space and time for play to happen in their homes, communities, and classrooms.

Initially, the campaign will take the form of magazine shows on all 9 SABC African language radio stations and community radio stations around the country, as well as on the main social media channels. We’ll explain the benefits of Play, give ideas of the kind of games and activities that parents can play with their children, and also encourage listeners to share the games they used to play as children and how those games helped them learn skills that benefited them in later life. Importantly, in the tough times that all our communities are going through, these moments of play can rekindle family joy and strengthen family bonds. Here is more information about the 5 superpowers of play.

SiyaDlala SiyaFunda is an exciting new step forward in FURTHER's mission to build stronger humans who build stronger communities.

With grateful thanks to all our partners and an amazing team of collaborators: Purpose, The Lego Foundation, SABC Education, MAL Foundation, Gcina Mhlophe.