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Whether we’re working with impact entrepreneurs, creatives, civil society leaders, youth or young children, our goal is always the same: to help them grow their critical human skills, values and mindsets to be able to reach their full potential and thrive.


of FURTHER entrepreneurs improved their entrepreneurial mindset, business, finance, marketing and sales skills

Impact Entrepreneurs

These are the proactive trailblazers working to uplift their communities. Our goal is to help them bridge the challenging gap between start-up and scale through holistic,tailored development programmes.

Our programme focuses on personal wellbeing, as well as equipping them with the technical skills to grow a successful business. They have a team of multi-disciplinary, multicultural experts and coaches to lean on and we facilitate networking through peer-to-peer engagement. Empowered by our programmes, many of our Impact Entrepreneurs have created revolutionary change in their communities.

Our partners in this work include the SAB Foundation, Allan Gray Orbis Foundation and BritishCouncil.

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youth trained in technical, creative and life skills through the FURTHER community

as of October 2022

Youth Development

South Africa has a staggering youth unemployment crisis. This generation cannot afford to pin their hopes on securing a job – they need to be equipped to take charge of their own futures and write their own stories.

We run capacity-building programmes for a wide spectrum of young people, helping them to grow their self-efficacy and develop a sense of agency. Our goal is to help them believe that they can create the life they want to live and then start equipping them with the necessary skills to make it happen.

Impact Partners
We have fantastic like-minded partners working with us on this mission:
Business and Arts South Africa Through this partnership, we work with creatives from across the country.
Allan Gray Makers Together, we work on the Artisans of Mzansi programme, which aims to make the artisanal trades industry a sought-after career path again and inspire an entrepreneurial mindset amongst TVET students.
The Desmond & Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation With them, we are co-creating A Million Ripples – Leading for Humanity, a programme that aims to nurture a generation of future leaders across all walks of life with the courage and character to reimagine society. These will be the leaders of tomorrow, who will tackle societal challenges around them for the betterment of humanity.

We are always open to widening our network of partners and working with organisations looking to make a difference in South Africa.

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children enabled with educational support through the FURTHER community

Early Childhood Development

How wonderful would it be if children could grow up equipped with the essential human skills and abilities needed to thrive in the world? The most powerful way to develop these skills is through Play.

Together with Purpose and the Lego Foundation, we created SiyaDlala SiyaFunda – a movement to encourage parents and caregivers to recognise the benefits of learning through play, dedicate more time to playing with their children, and demand more space and time for play to happen in their homes, communities, and classrooms.

The movement started in 2019 in Columbia, Rwanda and Brazil, and launched in South Africa in June 2022. It is supported by all the main partner organisations working in the Early Childhood Development sector.

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